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Binding of calendars and posters into metal rims (straps)

We are fully equipped with pneumatic metal rim binding machines. At present we have 8 machines that altogether allow to bind up to 50.000 poster per one working day. Our binding workshop is also equipped with as cutting machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the height of a metal strap?
Metal strap height equals to 8 mm. Please always leave at least 10 mm margin so the strap will not cover important parts of the poster.

2. Is it possible to bind a poster with two holes or with two wire hangers?
Currently one hole or one hanger is to be used in the upper strap. On demand we can make two holes in the upper strap but we are unable to produce straps with two wire hangers.

3. In what way already bound posters are packed for a shipment?
Already bound poster are rolled into rolls counting 50 pieces each. On demand we can prepare smaller rolls counting 25 or even 10 posters. Finally the rolls are put on a palette.

4. Are the rim colors limited to 13 standard colors presented in our offer?
No. On demand we can cover the rims with self-adhesive color film. Self-adhesive film is available in a total of 32 colors but this option is extra paid.

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