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PVC coil binding

Our offer includes PVC plastic coils in sections as well as PVC coil binding services. PVC coil in diameter ranging from 6 mm up to 50 mm allows to bind paper pads up to maximum 46 mm in thickness. PVC plastic coil due to its very nice and modern look as well as very high durability is ideal for binding such works as:

• atlases and tourist guides,
• copybooks and notebooks,
• production catalogues, service catalogues, albums,
• other works, where binding durability is of decisive meaning in utilization of the final product.

Our binding workshop is fully equipped with all necessary binding equipment such as cutting machines, automatic punching machines, tower collators and all other additional machinery.

Machinery in our workshop used for PVC coil binding

PVC coil produced in our factory is formed using newly installed machine manufactured by Spiel Company USA. This high speed forming machine is able to form PVC coil up to diameter of 50 mm. The forming machine is connected in-line with the binding machine.

The binding machine inserts the coil into bound work automatically. In the next step the binding machine shortens the coil to required length and secures coil endings with a bending.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What means the statement: pitch 4:1 and pitch 3:1?
PVC coil pitch 4:1 means that four loops of the coil are used on the distance of 1”.
PVC coil pitch 3:1 means that three loops of the coil are used on the distance of 1”.

2. What is the maximum paper block thickness that can be bound using PVC coil?
The biggest PVC coil has a diameter of 50 mm and allows to bind paper blocks 46 mm thick.

3. What kind of perforation holes are used with PVC coil binding?
In case of PVC coil binding a round and oval perforation holes can be used. Although oval perforation looks and works better than round holes.

4. What is the margin necessary for paper punching?
In case of PVC coil in pitch 4:1 a space taken by punching holes equals to 7,5 mm.
In case of PVC coil in pitch 3:1 a space taken by punching holes equals to 8,5 mm.

5. What kind of materials can be bound using PVC coil?
Expect paper we can also bind cardboard and PVC film. But the maximum thickness of a single sheet cannot exceed 3 mm.

PVC coils
PVC coils
PVC coils