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Our Team

We, Ferniko team have a very deep and wide experience in the products we deal with. We have been selling the Zip-Wire products for more than 15 years till now. We will always do our best to solve your problems and to execute your orders as fast as possible. You can contact us under email addresses and phone numbers stated below.


Piotr Rogożnicki (Peter)

General Manager
Export sales manager
email: piotr.rogoznicki@ferniko.pl
phone +48-22-725-0049 extension 104
phone +48-22-725-0050 extension 104


Justyna Rogożnicka (Justine)

Export sales accountant
email: justyna.rogoznicka@ferniko.pl
phone +48-22-725-0049 extention 115
phone +48-22-725-0050 extention 115


Magdalena Komorowska (Magdalene)

Export sales assistant
email: magda.komorowska@ferniko.pl
phone +48-22-725-0049 extention 107,
phone +48-22-725-0050 extention 107,


Kasia Majewska (Catherine)

Export sales coordinator
email: kasia.majewska@ferniko.pl
phone +48-22-725-0049 extention 110
phone +48-22-725-0050 extention 110