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Metal rims for board calendars

Metal straps also called metal rims for board calendars are used to bind single sheet wall calendars and posters up to 100 cm in length. In our Company we pay a lot of attention to the quality issue. I production we only use tin plate sheets of the first quality and the thickness of 0,22 mm or 0,24 mm. That assures that metal rims are strong enough to be used up to the maximum length of 100 cm.

We are offering three solutions to hang the poster. In the upper metal strap we can place:
• a hole 4 mm in diameter,
• a triangle metal hanger made on nylon coated wire,
• a hanger made of clear PVC.

Metal rims are offered in the lengths starting form 10 cm up to 100 cm.

Metal rimms colors availble

The table below shows all standard metal rims (straps) colors available in our product range. Please pay attention to the fact that image color representation is used only as an example and does not represent the real color of the product. The colors described by RAL and Pantone numbers are close but not identical to the real colors of the product. If you require perfect color mach we can send you a sample free of charge. Only the color presented by a real life sample can be a ground for placing a color claim.

ColorColor nameRAL numberPantone number
silverplain tin-plate colorplain tin-plate color
navy blue  
  metal rimms with a hanger

metal rimms binding

metal rimms binding

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