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  Automatic binding machine for Zip-Wire spirals This machine is destined to bind paper blocks and calendars with Zip-Wire spirals from 3/16” up to 1,25”. Maximum binding width is 400 mm. It is equipped with modern and easy to operate control system with readable LCD monitor. It takes no more than some minutes to change the machine into a different length of paper block including the change of the Zip-Wire spiral size if the personnel is appropriately trained.

Description of its operation.
The automat feeds the Zip-Wire spiral from the spool and it cuts it into the length required. Next the operator puts the Zip-Wire spiral section into the paper block, which is carried automatically to the binding part of the machine and further upon being bound onto the receiving table. This receiving table is long enough to allow quick binding operation of many pieces without any frequent machine stops.

This machine allows also to execute binding with a calendar hanger, which is inserted manually by the operator prior to the Zip-Wire binding process. The machine construction allows very quick work up to 1.000 pieces per hour. The speed of the machine depends on the size of the block to be bound as well as the skill of the operator.

This machine can be used as well as Zip-Wire spiral cutting device.
This machine has got CE safety certificate.
*The capacity depends on the efficiency of the operator.

Technical data
max. binding length400 mm
diameter of Zip-Wire used for bindingfrom 3/16" up to 1,1/4"
pitch of Zip-Wire4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 9:16
power supply230V
power consumption0,75 kW
capacity*up to 1.000 pcs./h
operating1 person
length1.600 mm
width3.000 mm
height1.600 mm
weight150 kg
warranty1 year

  POZ-2 machine

POZ-2 machine

POZ-2 machine