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  Electric punching machine 700 mm The machine is destined to perforate paper, cardboard and thin PVC foil. The maximum perforation length is 700 mm. It has to be equipped with a perforating tool, which is prepared in accordance with the customer’s needs as regards its length, shape and pins spacing. Our offer for the professional perforating tools manufactured by us is presented on next pages.

This punching machine is characterized by quiet work and easiness to operate it. The exchange of the perforating tool is simple and it takes no more than 10 minutes for a skilled operator.

This machine has got CE safety certificate.
*The capacity depends on the efficiency of the operator.

Technical data
max. perforation length700 mm
max. perforation thickness4,0 mm
power supply380V
power consumption2,2 kW
capacity*form 400 up to 1.500 strokes/h
operating1 person
length980 mm
width800 mm
height1.560 mm
weight400 kg
warranty1 year