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  Pneumatic Zip-Wire closing machine 700 mm This machine is destined to bind Zip-Wire spirals (Ring-Wire, Wire-O, Double-Wire) up to maximum 700 mm. Using this machine you can bind Zip-Wire spirals of various dimensions from 3/16” to 1,25”.

The machine working cycle is switched on with a manual switch. While closing the Zip-Wire spiral the operator is to keep the work to be bound with his one hand in its place and with his second hand he executes the closing process. This way there is no possibility to put any hand under the beam clamping the spiral.

The machine is characterized by quiet work, reliability and easiness to operate it.
This machine has got CE safety certificate.
The machine is not equipped with any compressor.
*The capacity depends on the efficiency of the operator.

Technical data
working length700 mm
diameter of Zip-Wirefrom 3/16" up to 1,1/4"
air consumption~0,5 m3/h
air pressure4-10 MPa
capacity*from 100 up to 500 pcs./h
operating1 person
length450 mm
width720 mm
height360 mm
weight67 kg
warranty1 year