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  Date window types and sizes
The table below shows all available types and sizes of date windows manufactured in our company. If you require size other than listed in the table please contact us.

Product NoDate frame NoDate frame typeTransparent strap typeDimention HDimention A
n.14.1510nput on a strapwith a rubber1415
n.14.2011nput on a strapwith a rubber1420
n.14.241nput on a strapwith a rubber1424
n.14.3012nput on a strapwith a rubber1430
n.17.242nput on a strapwith a rubber1724
n.17.347nput on a strapwith a rubber1734
n.20.283nput on a strapwith a rubber2028
n.20.408nput on a strapwith a rubber2040
n.22.359nput on a strapwith a rubber2235
n.24.324nput on a strapwith a rubber2432
n.28.355nput on a strapwith a rubber2835
n.35.356nput on a strapwith a rubber3535
p.14.221pinserted into a strapwith a rubber1422
p.17.242pinserted into a strapwith a rubber1724
p.19.387pinserted into a strapwith a rubber1938
p.20.313pinserted into a strapwith a rubber2031
p.23.344pinserted into a strapwith a rubber2334
p.27.415pinserted into a strapwith a rubber2741
p.31.446pinserted into a strapwith a rubber3144
gn.14.1510gnput on a straprubberless1415
gn.14.2011gnput on a straprubberless1420
gn.14.241gnput on a straprubberless1424
gn.14.3012gnput on a straprubberless1430
gn.17.242gnput on a straprubberless1724
gn.17.347gnput on a straprubberless1734
gn.20.283gnput on a straprubberless2028
gn.20.408gnput on a straprubberless2040
gn.22.359gnput on a straprubberless2235
gn.24.324gnput on a straprubberless2432
gn.28.355gnput on a straprubberless2835
gn.35.356gnput on a straprubberless3535
gp.8.10miniinserted into a straprubberless810
gp.14.221gpinserted into a straprubberless1422
gp.17.242gpinserted into a straprubberless1724
gp.19.387gpinserted into a straprubberless1938
gp.20.313gpinserted into a straprubberless2031
gp.23.344gpinserted into a straprubberless2334
gp.27.415gpinserted into a straprubberless2741
gp.31.446gpinserted into a straprubberless3144

Date window frame colors
The table below shows all available colors of date windows frames manufactured from color PVC film. In case of printed frames we are able to supply any color based on a Pantone color matching system.

ColourColour nameRAL colourPantone color
red3031 OR 3001178C or1807C