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Map binding up to 150 cm using metal straps

We bind maps and other big posters using special, twice folded, metal straps being up to 150 cm long. To manufacture such metal straps we take advantage of improved technology which apart from their high strength ensures them high durability and long usege time.

To ensure better wall mounting we can place two hangers in the upper strap.

  rimms twice folded

Map binding up to 300 cm using PVC tubes

For binding posters and maps bigger than 150 cm we recommend our plastic tubes made of white PCV. These tubes are especially designed for binding: they have increased wall thickness and clear, white color. At ends of tubes we mount plastic caps that are available in 4 colors. They are designed to offer good quality binding up to 300 cm length. In the upper tube we fix a nylon cord which is used for map hanging.
  PVC tubes binding services

Sets ready for binding at your place

You can let us do the binding of your work or we can sell complete sets ready for binding at your office/workshop. Complete sets are recommended for geo-centers and printing offices that need to bind single works for their customers. It's easy, fast and reliable!
  PVC tubes set

Step 1

In one set for binding you get:
1. two pieces of binding tubes ready for binding
2. set of 4 plastic caps (colors available: yellow, red, blue)
3. nylon cord with snap fasteners ready for mounting
4. thick cardboard straps used for tubes mounting
5. appropriate velcro section

Tools that you need:
1. good quality stapler

Step 2

Using the stapler attach cardboard straps to upper and lower border of map/poster. Be sure that cardboard straps are well fixed.

Step 3

Using the stapler fasten velcro section in the middle, upper border of map/poster.

Step 4

Insert carefully plastic tube into cardboard straps. To avoid paper damage hold both parts: poster and plastic tube.

Step 5

Mount nylon cord using holes in upper tube.

Step 6

Insert plastic caps at endings of tubes.

Step 7

The work is DONE!