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Sets ready for binding at your place

You can let us do the binding of your work or we can sell complete sets ready for binding at your office/workshop. Complete sets are recommended for geo-centers and printing offices that need to bind single works for their customers. It's easy, fast and reliable!
  PVC tubes set

Step 1

In one set for binding you get:
1. two pieces of binding tubes ready for binding
2. set of 4 plastic caps (colors available: yellow, red, blue)
3. nylon cord with snap fasteners ready for mounting
4. thick cardboard straps used for tubes mounting
5. appropriate velcro section

Tools that you need:
1. good quality stapler

Step 2

Using the stapler attach cardboard straps to upper and lower border of map/poster. Be sure that cardboard straps are well fixed.

Step 3

Using the stapler fasten velcro section in the middle, upper border of map/poster.

Step 4

Insert carefully plastic tube into cardboard straps. To avoid paper damage hold both parts: poster and plastic tube.

Step 5

Mount nylon cord using holes in upper tube.

Step 6

Insert plastic caps at endings of tubes.

Step 7

The work is DONE!