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Plastic binding coils (PVC spirals)

Our offer includes PVC plastic coils in diameter ranging from 6 mm up to 50 mm. It allows to bind paper pads 46 mm thick. PVC plastic coil due to its very nice and modern look as well as very high durability is ideal for binding such works as:

• atlases and tourist guides,
• copybooks and notebooks,
• production catalogues, service catalogues, albums,
• other works, where binding durability is of decisive meaning in utilization of the final product.

Our PVC plastic coils are offered exclusively in a form of sections manufactured in precise length in accordance with the customer’s order. PVC plastic coil sections are packed into cardboard boxes.

Plastic binding coil diameters

The table below shows all available diameters of plastic coils.

Inner diameter of the coil (mm)Max. binding thickness (mm)Diameter of PVC filament (mm)Coil pitchSize of punching holes (mm)
641,6÷1,84:15 x 4
861,6÷1,84:15 x 4
1081,8÷2,04:15 x 4
12101,8÷2,04:15 x 4
14122,0÷2,24:15 x 4
16142,0÷2,24:15 x 4
18162,2÷2,44:15 x 4
20192,2÷2,44:15 x 4
22202,2÷2,44:15 x 4
25222,64:15 x 4
28252,64:15 x 4
32282,64:15 x 4
25222,63:16 x 5
30242,63:16 x 5
35293,03:16 x 5
40343,03:16 x 5
45393,03:16 x 5
50463,03:16 x 5

Plastic binding coil colors

The table below shows all available colors of plastic coils. Please pay attention to the fact that image color representation is used only as an example and does not represent the real color of the product. The colors described by RAL and Pantone numbers are close but not identical to the real colors of the product. If you require perfect color mach we can send you a sample free of charge. Only the color presented by a real life sample can be a ground for placing a color claim.

ColourColour nameRAL colourPantone color
green 355C
  PVC coils

PVC coils

PVC coils

PVC coils

PVC coils