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Zip-Wire binding spirals

We produce Zip-Wire spools in a diameter starting form 3/16” up to 5/4” (1,25"). The Zip-Wire in the biggest diameter of 5/4” allows book binding up to 29,9 mm in thickness. All spools are produces using highest quality nylon coated wire manufactured in our company.

Since year 2007 Zip-Wire spirals are formed on a newly purchased machine named ProLoop. It is one of the fastest machines in the world and it has been manufactured by Kugler-Womako. We are convinced that thanks to this machine we will deliver you the product of the highest quality ensuring at the same time sufficient quantity of Zip-Wire spirals. In the year 2010 we have installed the second new machine which allowed us to produce all Zip-Wire diameters in pitch 2:1 such as 5/8”, 3/4", 7/8”, 1". Additionally in year 2012 we have started to manufacture 5/4", the biggest diameter in our offer.

We offer Zip-Wire product packed in three different ways:
• Zip-Wire wound on spools recommended for automatic and semi-automatic binding machines,
• Zip-Wire cut into sections of required number of loops,
• Zip-Wire cut into sections counting 34 loops (A4 size, 297 mm, pitch 3:1) or 23 loops (A4 size, 297 mm, pitch 2:1) packed into office boxes counting 100 sections.

In may 2013 we have installed third ProLoop machine. Third machine will allow us to offer you the best product in a very good price.

Highest quality in a good price!

We manufacture Zip-Wire product Since year 1996. During this time we have gained very wide experience in the binding and printing services. We know and very well understand our customers’ needs and production issues. Because of that we are very focused on high quality of all of our products. While forming Zip-Wire spools we only use original tooling supplied by Kugler-Womako.

Zip-Wire spools of our production run very smoothly on every type of automatic binding machine and allow to achieve maximum binding speeds. The big quantity of spools we have on stock allows for quick order execution in every time of the year.

Please click a bookmark named “sizes & colors” placed at the top of the page for more information concerning product sizes, available colors and type of packaging.

  Spirale zamykane Zip-Wire na szpuli

Spirale zamykane Zip-Wire

Spirale zamykane Zip-Wire w odcinkach

Ferniko, Maszyny formujące spirale Zip-Wire

Ferniko, Kugler-Womako ProLoop