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Zip-Wire (Wire-O) on spools for automatic binding machines

The table below shows all available Zip-Wire diameters present in our offer. We have positively tested spirals on binding machines such as: Renz, Rilecart, James Burn and Kugler-Womako.

Zip-Wire diameter in inchesZip-Wire diameter in mmMax. binding thicknessZip-Wire pitchNo. of loops on the spool
1/4"6,4 mm4,8 mm3:191 000
5/16"8,0 mm6,4 mm3:164 000
3/8"9,5 mm7,9 mm3:145 000
7/16"11,1 mm9,5 mm3:132 000
1/2"12,7 mm11,1 mm3:125 000
9/16"14,3 mm12,7 mm3:121 000
5/8"15,9 mm14,3 mm3:116 000
5/8"15,9 mm14,3 mm2:112 000
3/4"19,0 mm17,4 mm2:18 000
7/8"22,2 mm20,6 mm2:16 000
1"25,4 mm23,8 mm2:14 500
5/4"31,8 mm29,9 mm2:12 700

Zip-Wire (Wire-O) colors availble

The table below shows all available colors of Zip-Wire spirals. Please pay attention to the fact that image color representation is used only as an example and does not represent the real color of the product. The colors described by RAL and Pantone numbers are close but not identical to the real colors of the product. If you require perfect color mach we can send you a sample free of charge. Only the color presented by a real life sample can be a ground for placing a color claim.

ColourColour nameRAL colourPantone color
silver metaliczinc wirezinc wire
light blue50152174C
red3031 (new shade)187C (new shade)
light green6032348C
dark green6005343C

Zip-Wire cut into A4 length

The table below shows all available Zip-Wire spirals cut into A4 length. After cutting Zip-Wire sections are fixed using straps of cardboard. This product is recommended for small binding and printing offices.

Diameter in inchesDiameter in mmPitchMaximum binding thicknessNumber of sheets per Zip-Wire size (80 g/m2)Number of loops per 1 sectionNumber of sections per 1 box
1/4"6,4 mm3:14,8 mm16-4034 loops100
5/16"8,0 mm3:16,4 mm41-5534 loops100
3/8"9,5 mm3:18,0 mm56-6534 loops100
7/16"11,1 mm3:19,5 mm66-8034 loops100
1/2"12,7 mm3:111,0 mm81-10034 loops100
9/16"14,3 mm3:112,7 mm101-11534 loops100
5/8"15,9 mm3:114,3 mm116-13034 loops100
5/8"15,9 mm2:114,3 mm101-11523 loops100
3/4"19,0 mm2:117,4 mm116-13823 loops100
7/8"22,2 mm2:120,6 mm139-16423 loops100
1"25,4 mm2:123,8 mm165-18923 loops100