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Calendar hangers

We manufacture calendar hangers of a high quality, nylon coated, steel wire 2,0 mm in diameter. As a first producer in Poland we have introduced a new and revolutionary way of packing system called hanger bundles.

Hangers packed into bundles are placed one by one in a row and applied on a self-adhesive tape. Bundling process is made automatically and it does not influence the final price. Hangers packed into bundles are perfect for every type of automatic calendar binding machines as they dramatically shorten the time necessary to fill up the calendar hangers feeder.

We manufacture four types of calendar hangers:
• standard shape used for wall calendars,
• euro type shape ideal for shop shelves,
• straight stick used in binding machines that form the hanger while binding,
• type H hangers to be used with the Zip-Wire in the diamater of 3/8".

Calendar hanger types and lengths

The table below show all available types and lengths of the calendar hangers produced in our company.

Standard HanderEuro type hangerStraight section
70 mm70 mm78 mm
100 mm100 mm108 mm
150 mm150 mm158 mm
200 mm200 mm208 mm
250 mm250 mm258 mm
300 mm300 mm308 mm
350 mm350 mm358 mm
400 mm400 mm408 mm
450 mm450 mm458 mm
500 mm500 mm508 mm

Calendar hanger colors The table below shows all available colors of calendar hangers. Please pay attention to the fact that image color representation is used only as an example and does not represent the real color of the product. The colors described by RAL and Pantone numbers are close but not identical to the real colors of the product. If you require perfect color mach we can send you a sample free of charge. Only the color presented by a real life sample can be a ground for placing a color claim.

ColourColour nameRAL colourPantone color
silver metaliczinc wirezinc wire
light blue50152174C
red3031 (new shade)187C (new shade)
light green6032348C
dark green6005343C
  calendar hangers

calendar hangers

calendar hangers

calendar hangers

calendar hangers

calendar hangers